Coaching Approach, Beliefs, & Values

  • I coach “to your soul” first, to your goals second.
  • Every person deserves to make a living in a way that feeds his or her soul.
  • When you live in a way that is “true to you,” not only do you benefit but your family and friends benefit and the world as a whole benefits.
  • Our mutual goal in coaching is for you to thrive–personally and professionally.
  • “Deep satisfaction in work and life” is a path on which we travel–not an arrival point. Satisfaction can be ours while we are creating new circumstances in our lives.
  • I consider you (my coaching client) to be whole. You are not broken and I do not “fix” you.
  • I want you to be more like you, not more like me.
  • Please “come as you are” to coaching. It is not necessary to have clarity before contacting me for a consultation.
  • If procrastination is your greatest challenge, make contacting me be the one thing you get done today. It will likely impact all other areas in which you are procrastinating!
  • You are the expert in the matters of your life.  I do not make your decisions for you or tell you what you should do. Through the coaching process, we generate clarity and reveal options that help you make your decisions.
  • The scope of our conversations may span from the conceptual and visionary (“what makes life worth getting up for?”) to the very tangible and practical (“what kind of calendar tool works best for me?”).
  • Many of my clients are self-employed and/or in creative professions. Others find a better fit in a traditional career or with a combination of income sources.
  • My clients tend to be very “values-driven” and have a strong desire (perhaps even requirement) for a meaningful and satisfying life. I encourage that pursuit.

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